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Save Big With Walmart Grocery Pickup

I cannot say enough good things about Walmart Grocery Pickup! It saves you valuable time and a ton of money on groceries!

If you’re not familiar with Walmart Grocery Pickup, it is a FREE service ($30 minimum purchase) that Walmart provides to grocery shoppers. Rather than the normal in-store grocery shopping experience, you do all your shopping online at your own convenience. Pick an available pickup time, and when your groceries are ready, simply drive to your local Walmart store and pickup your groceries in the designated curbside area.

Let me get one thing straight before we continue I hate the overcrowded and stress-filled grocery store experience. That being said, I love the Walmart Grocery Pickup experience! It is stress-free, very fast and efficient.

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How does Walmart Grocery Pickup work

You might be asking yourself how does it work? Or how hard is it to use? Learn how easy the process is!

  • Create an account on the Walmart Grocery site or smartphone app. Click here and get $10 off your first order. 
  • Choose your pickup location. Most Walmart’s have grocery pickup services. So, finding one close by or during your commute home shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Reserve an available pickup time. This is a one hour time slot that you will have to pickup your groceries.
  • Order groceries online. Select your grocery items from the onscreen list, by department, or search for specific items with the search bar. I recommend using the search bar to quickly find the exact item you are looking for. This helps to avoid those impulse buys when something catches your attention onscreen.
  • When you have selected all your items go to your cart and pay using credit card, debit card, or EBT.
  • Head to the store during your scheduled time and park in the designated grocery pickup area of the parking lot.
  • Tap the “I’m Ready” from the Walmart Grocery app to let the associate know you have arrived.
  • An Walmart associate will bring your groceries to your car and help you load them.
  • Worried about the choice of meat, fruits, or vegetables. You can reject any item you are not happy with and get a full refund.
  • Drive off happy and stress-free.

Walmart Grocery Pickup is easy peasy!

Here’s how you can save big using Walmart Grocery Pickup

  • Use grocery pickup – I know this is in the name, but by simply using pickup instead of shopping in-store you will save a ton of money by avoiding unintended, unnecessary, and impulse buying. I usually can’t walk through an aisle without buying a snack item that catches my eye.
  • Plan meals ahead of time – By planning your meals ahead of time you can shop for the exact grocery items that you need for the recipes. This avoids temptation and keeps you from over buying.
  • Buy items on sale – Walmart Grocery offers many of the same rollbacks on items as it does in-store. If you use a non-perishable grocery item often then buy in bulk when it is on sale.
  • Get a vacuum food saver – You can vacuum seal many different foods such as meats, fruits, and vegetables. Buy on sale and vacuum seal your way into extreme savings.

    In our house we make a lot of different meals at once and vacuum seal them. This keeps them fresh and tasty for weeks to months. This also keeps you from going to the store more often because food has gone bad or expired.
  • Make a grocery list – Much like shopping in store, you should create a grocery list. This will keep you on track and avoid any temptation buys.
  • Do a quick search for promo codes – Walmart Grocery doesn’t accept coupons yet. Sometimes however, they have promo codes that you can easily find to save money.
  • Avoid the spending trap – Every aspect of a grocery store is specifically designed to get people to spend more. Avoid these traps and tricks by avoiding the inside of the store altogether.

Benefits of using pickup vs in-store

  • Saves you time – Picking out the items you need online is a lot faster than walking each aisle trying to locate them. Also, when your order is ready you just drive to the store, the groceries get loaded up, and you are on your way again faster than Flash Flash Hundred Yard Dash driving down the streets of Zootopia.
  • Keep Your Kids in the Car – Every parent knows how hard it is to shop with you kids! Keep them in the car for a stress-free grocery experience!
  • Avoid the lines – How much time have you wasted waiting in lines to checkout?
  • Item out of stock – If an product that you buy is out of stock, they will give you as similar or better product for the same price. You always have the potential of getting products that are better than what you are expecting.
  • Avoid the crowds – I don’t know about you, but this aspect of grocery shopping stresses me out! How many times has somebody been standing with their cart blocking the item you are after? You pretend like you are looking at other items until they move to avoid confrontation. Or not being able to see around the corner when exiting an aisle, seems like every time thereF is some granny in a hurry that doesn’t have time to let you out.
  • Shop in the comfort of your own home – I would much rather shop in my pajamas, on my couch, sipping some coffee, in the comfort of my own home than going into the crowded stress-filled environment of grocery store or Walmart.
  • Shop on your phone – Got time to kill during a car ride or waiting at the DMV (Trust me you want something to do while waiting at the DMV). Now you can get all your grocery shopping done during these times that would normally be wasted.
  • Avoid temptation – This is a big money saver. How many times have you walked out of the grocery store with a ton of items that you did not intend on buying?
  • You don’t have to wait for the cashier to scan every item.
  • Don’t have to scan and bag your own items – If you are like me and get embarrassed buying toilet paper, you might like these. But, the fact is that you are having to do more work for the same price as pickup or using a cashier. Walmart Grocery prices are the same as they are in-store.
  • Stay out of the junk food aisle – Your body and health will thank you for this one!
  • You can save your favorites, making shopping even faster – This is easy to do online and on the app. Just select your favorites and checkout.
  • You can buy beer and wine – Great for the alcoholic on-the-go or the stressed-out mama that needs a little buzz after the kiddos go to sleep. Just kidding, but this does make it convenient to pickup all the supplies for your next party or BBQ.
  • Walmart Grocery Pickup is not just for groceries – You can also buy non-grocery items, such as kitchen appliances, gardening tools, party supplies, and clothing. Image you just got a hole in your last pair of undies, well now you can simply buy more without the embarrassment of walking through the store with a 10-pack of tighty whities. 


  • After your transmit time you can’t make any changes or add any items – This can be inconvenient if you forget that one ingredient for a recipe.
  • They don’t accept manufacturers coupons – If Walmart Grocery ever lets you use manufacturers coupons though, the savings for using pickup could become astronomical!
  • They currently don’t accept Walmart gift cards – You still have to go in-store to use your Christmas gift card stash on groceries.
  • Grocery Delivery costs $9.99 – I still consider this a bargain, because I usually end up spending way more than that every grocery store trip due to impulse buys.
  • If you get the wrong item or are not satisfied you can not get an instant replacement – Sure you get a refund, but have to go an extra step to get the item. 

Walmart Grocery Pickup is a game changer for saving money

The biggest way that Walmart Grocery Pickup saves you money is by eliminating all the temptations that are present during an in-store shopping experience. I love the ease in which you can shop for the specific items you want without wasting your precious time. The process is easy! Just put in an order and then pick it up at your local Walmart. 

Overall I love and recommend Walmart Grocery Pickup for anyone that wants to save time, money, and make your grocery shopping experience more fun and enjoyable. 

Get $10 off your first Walmart Grocery Order and start saving money today!