New King Soopers Free Friday Download (June) Sneak Peak!!!

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Learn how to grab a Grocery Freebie every month with the King Soopers Free Friday Download Coupon!

The next Freebie has not been announced and will possibly be available on Friday June 26th, 2020 (6/26/20) for digital download to your King Soopers account.

What is the Free Friday Download? On the first Friday of every month you can get a free digital coupon from King Soopers grocery stores to receive one FREE select grocery item during your next shopping trip!

Nothing beats FREE items at King Soopers!!! Keep reading to check out your Early Sneak Peak for the June 2020 Freebie!

Does King Soopers Still Have Free Friday Download?

Yes, King Soopers still has the amazing free coupon deal! Which is great news for all us money saving fanatics!

But sadly it is no longer available every Friday like it once was. Currently King Soopers offers the Free Friday Download Coupon on the first Friday of every month for digital download. So, check back often to make sure you don’t miss this amazing deal!

How to Get Your Freebie

  1. Make sure you are signed up for and have a King Soopers Shoppers Card and digital account. Sign up here for your free account.
  2. Visit the King Soopers website or use the King Soopers mobile app and download the FREE digital coupon on the stated Friday (you must download the digital coupon between 12am and 11:59pm on the given date).
  3. Go shopping and redeem your coupon within 2 weeks. Make sure to use your Shoppers Card and the coupon will be automatically applied at checkout.

That’s 3 easy steps to score a free grocery item every month! What are you waiting for???

Find a King Soopers grocery store near you

Note: The coupon is valid at most King Soopers Locations and is available exclusively to customers that have digital accounts. To make sure you properly downloaded the Free coupon, check under the “My Coupons” section of your digital account.

June 2020 Freebie

Available Possibly on Friday 6/29/2020 only, must redeem within 2 weeks of receipt!

June’s King Soopers Free Friday Download Coupon has not been announced.

Get Your Free Item Here

Save Money and get all the best deals at King Soopers with the Weekly Ad!

Other Stores with Free Friday Downloads

King Soopers grocery stores are part of the Kroger brand. Here is a list of additional Kroger brand stores that also have the free coupon: