New King Soopers Weekly Ad (8/19/20 – 8/25/20) Preview!

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Save Money with the Current King Soopers Weekly Ad

Hello King Soopers Savers!

If you’re a Rocky Mountain grocery shopper than the King Soopers Weekly Ad will bring you the latest and greatest discounts and deals that King Soopers has to offer!

We have brought you these weekly ads to help you save money and time with your grocery shopping at King Soopers. They will help keep you under your monthly grocery budget and help you save on all your favorite grocery products.

Learn about all the best deals, coupons, and specials that King Soopers is currently offering. Whether you are trying to save on fruit and vegetables or want to save on everyday items like paper towels and trash bags, than these weekly ads are for you!

Find the current grocery store sales that are happening in-store and online now.

King Soopers Weekly Ad Preview 8/19/20 – 8/25/20

Click the arrows to see all of King Soopers latest specials and deals.
Note: Your King Soopers local ads and deals may differ from this weekly ad.

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Want to Save Even More?

If you like saving money with the King Soopers Weekly Ad and you want to save even more money during your next grocery shopping trip, then try these money saving ideas that you can be used at your local Rocky Mountain King Soopers:

  • King Soopers Digital Coupons – Easily add coupons, specials, and deals online or on the King Soopers app to your Shoppers Card to save you money every time you checkout in-store or online. Download the app now to quickly find digital coupons and deals!
  • King Soopers Shoppers Card – Sign up in-store or online for your King Soopers Shoppers Card today! Easily add digital coupons, save money on gas, and receive the best in-store deals all with this card.
  • Swagbucks Coupons – Easily find and print manufacturers coupons that can be used at King Soopers in-store or with grocery pickup. Plus earn points for each coupon you print and use, which can be redeemed for gift cards or cash through PayPal. Join here and get a FREE $10 BONUS!
  • InboxDollars Coupons – Find coupons for your favorite grocery products. Easily print and use coupons. InboxDollars will pay you to print and use these coupons. Easy way to make money, while you are saving money. Join here to receive a Special $5 Bonus!
  • Use Grocery Pickup or Delivery – Avoid all the in-store temptations and get exactly what you need. This simple tip can save you a lot of money! Plus you can still use coupons and the mobile app!

Want a Free Product at King Soopers Every Month?

Learn how to get FREE products from King Soopers by checking out the King Soopers Free Friday Download Here!

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