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Tipping Instacart Grocery Shopper

How Much do You Tip Instacart Shopper? Tipping Etiquette Guide

Tipping has become a big part of the equation in delivery services and gig economy apps. Now that you’re using Instacart to deliver your groceries right to your door, you may wonder how much you tip Instacart Shopper.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. What’s considered acceptable when tipping can vary greatly depending on factors like how complicated or far away your order is or how friendly and helpful the shopper is during your order.

To help you make an informed decision on how much to tip, we’ve put together this guide with all the info you need to know. Let’s dive in!

How Much Do You Tip Instacart Shopper?

When you order groceries online, you’ll likely want to know how much to tip your Instacart shopper. After all, it’s only polite to show appreciation for their hard work getting you the groceries you need.

The question of how much to tip an Instacart shopper can be tricky. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to start at 10 percent of your total order. However, this can vary depending on the complexity of the order and the time it takes to complete it. For example, if the order is large and contains a lot of perishables that require special handling, you may want to consider tipping more than 10 percent.

In addition, considering other factors such as weather conditions, traffic, and difficulty finding certain items can also influence how much you tip. A good way to ensure that your shopper gets a fair amount is to provide them with an extra tip based on the difficulty of their task. So show gratitude for their effort and be generous with your thank-you!

Overview of Instacart Services

Instacart Shopper With Grocery Delivery

Instacart is an online grocery delivery service. It allows customers to browse a local store’s virtual shelves, fill their virtual cart with their desired groceries, and have them delivered to their homes by an Instacart shopper. Groceries are handpicked and packaged in-store by a dedicated Instacart shopper and then dropped off at the customer’s door or met at the store for pickup.

When using Instacart, customers pay for the items they order, a delivery service fee, and taxes, but they don’t pay the Shopper directly. Tipping an Instacart driver when they deliver your groceries is customary. It’s important to note that, unlike most other jobs where tipping is expected, shoppers do not receive direct compensation from Instacart itself, regardless of how much or how little customers tip them.

Understanding the Basics of Tipping Etiquette

Before you decide how much to tip your Instacart Shopper, it’s a good idea to understand the basics of tipping etiquette. Knowing this can help ensure the shopper feels respected and receives a fair wage.

Tipping is personal—it’s up to you to decide what amount is appropriate for the service your Instacart Shopper provides. Here are some points to consider when deciding how much to tip:

Quality of Service

Did your shopper go out of their way to ensure you received exactly what you ordered? Did they respond promptly if there were any issues? If so, this deserves recognition as a more generous tip.

Shopping Difficulty

Was it hard for your shopper to find items on your list? Some stores might be difficult to navigate or have shelves that are hard to reach. This could factor into their level of effort and impact their services, which could be worth considering when deciding on a tip amount.

Time Frame

How long did it take for your order to arrive? Shoppers who deliver within stated time frames often deserve extra credit for their efficiency and should be rewarded accordingly.

Ultimately, these factors (plus any others you may choose) will guide you in choosing the right tip for your Instacart Shopper. When in doubt, err on generosity; this is especially true if you’re an avid user or plan to order from Instacart again!

Factors That Influence Instacart Tipping

It’s important to remember that the amount you tip your Instacart Shopper is subjective and depends on a few factors. It would be best to consider how much work they put into your order, how quickly they complete it, and the customer service they provide.

Size of the Order

The size of your order matters when you’re tipping an Instacart Shopper. For larger orders, you might want to consider tipping more to recognize the effort and time it takes to fulfill them. This is especially true for orders with heavy items like cases of water or laundry detergent!

Personal Preference

Most people tip 15-20%, but your tip amount is up to you. If you’ve received excellent service from your shopper, who may have exceeded expectations or provided a great customer experience, you may want to tip more than 20%. For simpler orders, like a few items for quick delivery, a 10-15% tip may be appropriate.

Delivery Fee

Instacart shoppers are not paid for delivery fees, so remember that this fee does not apply to their tips. When shopping from Instacart, it’s important to factor in the delivery fee when determining how much to tip; that way, you can ensure your shopper gets fairly compensated for their services.

How Much to Tip for Instacart Order Pickup & Delivery

How much should you tip an Instacart shopper? It’s a tricky question since it depends on the order size and level of service. But here are some general guidelines to help you figure out how much to tip an Instacart shopper:

Tip Based on Order Size

For orders under $35, many customers like to tip between 10-15%. For orders over $35, tipping 15-20% is more appropriate. If you have a large order (over $200), it’s customary to tip 20%.

Tip for Extra Services

If the shopper went above and beyond, such as bringing snacks or helping you carry multiple bags from the store to your car, it’s only fair to give them extra credit with a higher tip—20-25%, or even more.

Split Tips Among Shoppers

If multiple shoppers deliver your order, consider splitting the tip among them. That way, each Instacart shopper will be compensated for their individual contribution to your delivery. To thank them individually, leave a note of appreciation after each delivered item.

Remember that tipping is ultimately up to your discretion and budget. Still, if your Instacart experience was satisfactory, consider leaving the full 15%-20% (or more!) as thanks for their hard work and great customer service—it can go a long way!

Tipping on Small Orders

You may be wondering what the tipping etiquette is when ordering smaller items. Tipping on small orders is still important, especially when ordering items from multiple stores. Instacart shoppers may drive quite a bit between stores, and you should tip accordingly for their efforts.

Minimum Tip

So how much should you tip for small orders? The suggested minimum tip for small orders is $5; however, if the order takes longer than usual or involves more work (ie. putting away frozen items), it’s reasonable to tip more.

Calculating Tips

If you’re unsure how much to tip for your order, a helpful way to calculate your tips is using a percentage-based tipping system, such as 10-15% of the order total. Doing this allows you to determine the amount based on your individual order and budget – since different orders can vary in price and complexity.

It’s also worth noting that Instacart has recently implemented an automatic tipping feature where they will suggest five suggested gratuity amounts ranging from 5% to 15% of your order subtotal – so this could help determine the right amount to tip as well! It’s always appreciated when customers consider the time and effort that goes into fulfilling their grocery order – so don’t forget to “tip generously” when ordering groceries from Instacart!

In-App or Cash Tip

So you’re ready to tip an Instacart shopper for their service, but how much do you give? Let’s talk about the best way to provide a tip.

Instacart shoppers can receive either an in-app tip or a cash tip. Here are some considerations when making your decision:

In-App Tip

Instacart’s default tip is 5%, 10%, or 15%. In-app tip calculation is based on the total order amount (including sales tax). This is the quickest and most convenient way to provide a tip, and you don’t have to worry about carrying cash with you. However, if you think the service was particularly good or bad, you may want to adjust this percentage up or down.

Cash Tip

Cash tips can be more personal because they allow for more custom amounts that reflect how happy or unhappy you are with the service. It also makes tracking easier for shoppers since Instacart does not manage cash tips; however, there is less transparency regarding who received what.

Whether you leave an in-app tip or cash is completely up to your discretion! Whatever method you choose, rest assured that your shopper will appreciate it either way!

Do Instacart Shoppers See Tips When Accepting Orders?

Delivery Driver Giving Groceries

Do Instacart shoppers see the tip before they accept an order? It’s a good question that you should consider when trying to decide how much to tip.

An Instacart shopper does not usually see how much the delivery fee is until after they have accepted the order, but they do know what percentage of the total cost you are tipping. This can range anywhere from nil to as high as 40%. You can adjust your tip amount before or after placing the order, so you never have to worry about tipping too little or too high.

It’s important to remember that some orders may take longer than expected due to traffic and other circumstances. When this happens, including an additional bonus for the inconvenience is a good idea. After all, Instacart shoppers work hard for their money—so show them some appreciation for their service by being generous with your tips!

What if the Shopper did a Bad Job?

It’s important to tip your Instacart shopper; even if they had a bad experience, they still worked hard and deserved compensation. A general rule of thumb is to give at least 15% because that’s what you would do in most retail and service industries.

If there was an issue during the delivery, like you received incorrect items or late delivery, you could adjust your tip according to the level of service provided. But be sure to leave a message telling them why you’re adjusting the tip.

Even if an Instacart shopper did something wrong, like damaged items or neglected food safety standards, you can still give them a low rating or write a message about it in your order summary. That way, Instacart’s support team can review the incident and take appropriate action — like issuing a refund or discount code for future orders.

Alternatives to Cash Tipping for Instacart Shoppers

Another great way to show your appreciation of the Instacart Shopper’s efforts is to tip them in other ways besides cash. Here are several alternatives you can explore:

Leave a Positive Rating

When your order is delivered, you can leave a rating for the Instacart Shopper. Ratings are especially important here, as they help shoppers maintain their status and get more orders in the future.

Provide Feedback on the App

Another great way to show appreciation with no money involved is to provide feedback on the app about the grocery shopping and delivery service. This can be done when you rate the items (e.g. “the tomatoes were in good condition”). Not only does this benefit the Instacart Shopper, but it also helps others who might use this platform in the future find a better experience when ordering groceries online.

Give Impromptu Praise

You can also give impromptu praise to your Instacart Shopper if you meet them at your door upon delivery or even say something nice during a text or phone conversation! Something like “you’re doing such an amazing job” goes a long way and will certainly put a smile on their face!

Tips to Make the Most Out of Instacart

You want to make the most of each Instacart experience and likely wonder how much you should tip. Well, that all depends on you. Customers should consider several factors, including the cost of their order, geographical location and difficulty level, and overall satisfaction with the service.

In general, it’s a good idea to give 10-20% off orders under $50 or more for orders over $50. If your order was complex or extra time-consuming, then feel free to tip even more. Here are some other tips to help you get the most out of your Instacart experience:

  1. Make sure that your address is correct in your account settings! This will allow your shopper to find you and avoid any confusion quickly.
  2. Consider using an app like Tiply, which allows customers to set up an automatic tipping policy for their orders.
  3. Leave detailed instructions on what you’d like them to purchase – including notes on brands, sizes, and quantities – so they can grab exactly what you need while in the store.
  4. Leave feedback after each order! Positive feedback helps shoppers get more orders and earn more tips, while negative feedback can result in fewer orders in the future.

Should You Tip Grocery Shopper?

When tipping your Instacart grocery shopper, the answer is yes—you should tip them. It’s important to remember that Instacart is a service-based company, and its shoppers are working hard to bring you the items you requested. Plus, due to the pandemic, many Instacart shoppers are doing their best to help keep customers safe and happy while taking extra precautions for their own health and safety.

How Much?

So how much should you tip on Instacart? Generally speaking, 15-20% of your total order cost is a good rule of thumb—but it’s ultimately up to you. You can also leave a one-time tip or add tips on an ongoing basis in your settings.

Why Should You Tip?

Tipping your Instacart grocery shopper is important because these tips usually make up most of their pay. According to [numerous sources], Instacart pays shoppers about 5% for each order, so tipping helps them make ends meet and keeps them motivated to do their best for each order they place. Not only that but showing appreciation helps build relationships with shoppers who often make multiple trips to stores to get you what you need.

So don’t forget when paying for your Instacart groceries—show appreciation by tipping the delivery person who goes above and beyond!

How Much Are Instacart Shoppers Paid?

Tipping Instacart Shopper

Have you ever wondered how much Instacart shoppers are paid? You might be surprised that the answer differs from state to state.

For instance, an Instacart delivery driver in California is paid per order. They receive a base rate for every order and an additional fee for more complex orders (like those with many items requiring a longer distance to travel).

Plus, they also receive tips. Most customers agree that Instacart shoppers deserve tips—especially those who take extra care while shopping and go out of their way to ensure their customers are happy and satisfied.

Interestingly, some states have minimum hourly base pay requirements for Instacart shoppers, meaning they get guaranteed payment even if they don’t receive any tips during their shifts. In states like California and New York, the minimum pay rates range from $15-$20 per hour, depending on the city.

So it’s important to remember that tipping isn’t mandatory—but the hardworking Instacart workers definitely appreciate it!


Are you wondering how much to tip your Instacart shopper? You’re not alone! Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about tipping your Instacart shopper.

How much should I be tipping my Instacart shopper?

Most people don’t have an exact number in mind, but according to Instacart, the suggested tip range is 10-15% of the total order cost. However, you can tip more or less depending on your budget and satisfaction with the service.

Can I add a tip after the order arrives?

Yes! You can add a tip any time up to 7 days after delivery. Click “Add a Tip” on your order confirmation page or app.

Is there a minimum tip amount?

No—you can leave any amount, even if it’s just $1 or $2. Anything helps! Just remember that tips are collected by Instacart and shared with shoppers.

Will my shopper see my rating before they deliver my order?

No—your ratings and comments won’t be visible to shoppers until they have delivered your order. So don’t worry if you left less than 5 stars—your shopper won’t know until after they finish their job.


The amount you tip your Instacart Shopper is all up to you. Tip what you are comfortable with, and remember that you control the tipping process. If you’re unsure, you can always call them, ask them for advice on how much to tip, or discuss the amount you’re about to pay. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help regarding tipping etiquette.

Tipping your Instacart Shopper is a great way to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication to getting your groceries on time. It’s a nice gesture that costs you nothing and can brighten the day of a dedicated worker. So show your gratitude, and remember to tip your Instacart Shopper!

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