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29 Best Things to Buy at ALDI: Money Saving Tips and Secrets

Learn the 29 Best Things to Buy at ALDI to save you money without sacrificing food quality! Get name brand quality without the name brand prices at your local ALDI store!

Hello fellow ALDI shoppers! We all love the prices and quality of the food products we get at ALDI. However, you may be wondering what are really the best things to buy at ALDI that will save you money over name brand products and traditional grocery store items?

Here is our list of products and selected brands that will save you a ton of money without sacrificing the quality you deserve:

1. Milk, Almond Milk, Organic Milk, Soy Milk, Coconut Milk

Milk-Organic-Soy-Whole-Skim-Almond-Coconut- Best Things to Buy at ALDI

Sorry if we’re starting to sound like Bubba, talking about all the different kinds of milk!

Find amazing prices on a super wide variety of milks, making it easy to save money on your favorite kind of milk. Some of the types of milks they have are whole milk, skim milk, organic milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, chocolate milk, lactose free milk, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, 1% milk, 2% milk.

But seriously they have some great prices on all your favorite milks! These usually have huge savings over the traditional grocery store brands!

2. Eggs

Eggs-Cage-Free-Best Things to Buy at ALDI

ALDI takes great pride in finding high-quality products. This can be seen with their commitment to bring you quality eggs that are 100% cage-free. These cage-free eggs can be quite expensive at the normal supermarket, but don’t worry they have still kept their egg prices super low!

3. Fresh Meat


Enjoy great prices on meat from steaks, ground beef and roasts, to chicken and whole turkeys.

The only difference I have seen with their chicken breasts and the chicken breasts of other groceries stores is the price. I consistently find the same quality chicken breasts cheaper here than at other grocery stores.

I however, was a little hesitant the first time I shopped and saw the steaks in what looks like vacuum sealed packaging, but don’t fret they still have the same great taste. Also, I am seeing more and more grocery stores package their steaks and other meat products this way. It helps preserve your meat and keep it fresh longer.

The question I see a lot is, “is ALDI meat safe?” Not only is Aldi meat safe, but it is also good quality with great taste. So, stop worrying just because this isn’t your traditional grocery store with big name brands. Good meat is good meat!

Buy when meat is on sale and if not already, vacuum seal for even more savings, while still enjoying quality meat.

4. Butter


A wise man once told me the words I live everyday by “Mo Butter Mo Better!” -Unknown Hibachi Chef.

Why overspend on butter, it is something that you use often and makes everything taste delicious? Your arteries might not like it, but your pocketbook sure will!

5. Cream Cheese


The cream cheese is a great value. It can be found as low as $0.75 for an 8 oz package, which is almost a dollar cheaper than the big name brand cream cheese. The Happy Farms brand cream cheese is very good, with no noticeable difference between it and the big name brands.

Pair this with some of the other best things to buy at ALDI or spread these on some quality inexpensive bagels (found next to the bread) for a budget friendly quick breakfast.

6. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables


This can be hit or miss depending on the age of the store. The newer stores have refrigerated sections for their produce, which keeps them tasting fresher for longer. Generally, however they have great quality fresh fruits and vegetables at wonderful prices.

Save on bananas, grapes, carrots, potatoes, and many other fresh fruits and vegetables in the produce section. Check often to see what fresh in-season offers and produce they currently have.

7. Frozen Fruit and Vegetables


Don’t you hate how much frozen broccoli or strawberries cost at a regular grocery store? Luckily they have the frozen fruits and vegetables to cool you down. Whether you want to prepare some healthy veggies for dinner or enjoy a tasty fruit smoothie. They have a great selection of frozen fruit and vegetables, well below normal grocer store prices!

8. Almond Flour


This baking ingredient is very popular with those that are on the Keto diet and as a plus it is gluten-free. Almond flour can be very expensive at grocery stores. Fortunately, for you health conscience people and those with gluten allergies, you can get this cooking ingredient at a very good price.

9. Hot Dogs


Hot dogs are a staple of any barbecue or summer party. Save money shopping at ALDI for these summer essentials. They have the same great taste as the leading grocery store brands, without the grocery store prices. Eliminate some of your party planning stress, by choosing these cheap and budget friendly hot dogs!

Score a pack of Parkview Jumbo Franks for as low as 99 cents. They also Fit & Active Turkey Franks if you would like a healthier alternative that tastes great.

10. Greek Yogurt


Try the Friendly Farms nonfat or 100 calorie lite Greek Yogurts for as low as $0.65. Compare these to the average prices of name brand Greek Yogurts, which are usually over $1. Friendly farms offers a wide-variety of flavors, from your more traditional strawberry or blueberry, to more exotic flavors such as tropical or key lime.

11. Take and Bake Pizza


If you are like me and hate going to the grocery store only to find that their take and bake pizzas cost as much as delivery. You will be pleased to know that the Mama Cozzi’s brand of pizzas are very affordable. Get their rising crust pizzas with you favorite toppings for around $3.

They also offer massive 16 inch take and bake pizzas for around $6. Large pizzas at your favorite pizza chains are usually 14 inches, making Mama Cozzi’s take and bake pizzas the clear money saving option. Get great pizza for 1/3-1/4 the price of delivery. That is why this is one of the best things to buy at ALDI!

12. Peanut Butter


The eternal debate continues over which is better creamy or chunky? Well they have the peanut butter deals you are looking for, whether you like creamy, chunky, or even almond butter. Eat your PB and J sandwiches with the reassurance that you didn’t overpay for quality peanut butter.

You can grab creamy or chunky peanut butter from Peanut Delight for as little as $1.29 for a 16 oz jar. compare this to most store brand peanut butter which costs about a dollar more and the big name brands can cost over 2 dollars more. These big savings make peanut butter one of the best things to buy at ALDI.

13. Salad Dressing


Choose from all your favorite salad dressings to make those fresh leafy greens and vegetables taste even better! The Tuscan Garden brand has many salad dressing varieties for as low as 99 cents. Try their ranch, french, balsamic, Italian, blue cheese, or one of the many other varieties for the insanely low price of 99 cents!

Pair this with a garden salad pack (99 cents) and enjoy a healthy meal without breaking your bank!

14. Bread


For those of you that have kids that go through bread like ravenous animals, than this is the place to buy your bread. Their white bread sells for as low as $0.75, which beats even the biggest competitors prices. Save a ton of money on your kids lunches with their bread and assortment of budget friendly peanut butters and lunch meats.

15. Baking Supplies


Everybody loves freshly baked goods. From cookies and cakes, to bread and croissants, they have all your baking supplies at great prices. Get all your baking essentials like flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, chocolate chips, and many more products to keep you making fresh baked goods, while keeping under budget.

Here are some examples of the price savings for baking supplies at ALDI vs the name brand products:

Baking SuppliesALDIName BrandAverage Savings
Granulated Sugar 4 lb$1.69$2.38$0.69
Flour 5 lb$1.29$2.48$1.19
Chocolate Chips 12 oz$1.89$2.97$1.08
Brown Sugar 32 oz$1.45$2.17$0.72
Baking Soda 16 oz$0.55$0.82$0.27

Don’t have time to bake from scratch, but still want the fresh baked taste without spending an arm and a leg; Well they also have cost friendly easy bake goods such as biscuits, croissants, and cinnamon rolls.

16. Fiesta Night Foods


Combining some of the best things to buy at ALDI, why don’t you keep saving and treat your family and friends to a fun and delicious fiesta night dinner. Make some tasty tacos, throw in some salsa or guacamole and tortilla chips and you have yourself a pretty tasty fiesta!

They have all your favorite fiesta night foods like salsa, tortilla chips, tortillas, taco seasoning, chicken or ground beef, and of course guacamole!

We couldn’t pass up the chance to tell you more about the amazing tasting and cost friendly guacamole available at ALDI! They have multiple guacamole styles to choose from, such as classic, chunky, homestyle, Southwest, and even pineapple poblano. At the time of this article each is selling for around $3.29. It seems like you can’t even buy a single avocado cheaper than that these days!

Fiesta night:

  • Flour Tortillas – $1.05
  • Clancy’s Tortilla Chips – $0.99
  • Casa Mamita Salsa – $0.99
  • 1 lb Ground Beef – $3.19
  • Taco Seasoning – $0.35
  • Shredded Mexican Cheese – $2.75
  • Guacamole – $3.29

Total cost to feed family and friends for fiesta night $12.61. That comes out to $3.15 per person for a family of 4. You can’t beat these prices or have a fun party for less!

17. Frozen Salmon, Shrimp, and Seafood


Do you love seafood without seeing the high prices that are usually associated with it? Don’t wander the endless sea looking for seafood that won’t break the bank.

They have some of the best prices on frozen seafood around. Enjoy salmon, jumbo shrimp, ahi tuna, or even mussels in a tomato garlic sauce. These are among the many choices you have that will save you money and keep you eating great!

18. All Things Cheese


Cheese makes everything taste better! Don’t miss out on the great deals they have on cheese over the normal grocery store prices.

Cheese blocks, such as cheddar and Colby jack usually run 10 cents cheaper than the regular grocery store prices. Shredded cheese here can save you around 20 cents off regular grocery store prices. Also, save on your kids lunches with cheese singles costing over $1.50 less than the big name brand singles. Or throw some string cheese into their lunch box for a savings of over $1 from the name brands.

19. Any Weekly Ad Deal


This is one secret that most ALDI shoppers don’t know about. They might not accept coupons, but did you know they come out with a weekly ad that gives you additional savings on their already low prices!

Find extra savings and deals on all the products that are mentioned in this article from meat to cheese and seafood to chocolate. Find special weekly ad discounts to save you even more money.

They also bring you ALDI Finds, which are usually limited time products at a huge discount. Find extra deals on both food and non-food products such as clothing, kids toys, specialty meat, pantry items, and many many more! These are your weekly best things to buy at ALDI.

20. Cooking Oil

cooking-oil-olive-oil-coconut-oil-grapeseed-avocado-best things to buy at ALDI

Why over spend on great quality cooking oils. Their organic olive oil is a steal compared to similar organic products at your local grocery store. They also have other great specialty cooking oils at good prices. These include coconut oil, avocado oil, and grapeseed oil.

21. Organic and Gluten-free Foods

organic-gluten-free-best things to buy at ALDI

Although not a specific product this made our list of the best things to buy at ALDI because finding products that are organic or gluten-free can be very expensive. Luckily they have an immense selection of these products to keep you eating healthy and safely for less.

Easily find products everywhere you look while you’re at the store. Compare these to organic and gluten-free products at the grocery store and you can easily see the huge savings.

22. Chocolate!!!!

chocolate-milk-dark-hot-cocoa-powder-covered-best things to buy at ALDI

When it comes to chocolate, they have your sweet-tooth covered for a good price. Their large candy bars in milk or dark chocolate can be bought for as little as $1.69. You can lay by the fire drinking hot cocoa powder for $1.99. Seriously they have a huge selection of many different chocolate products for any occasion or sweet-tooth.

Try the dark chocolate covered blueberries ($3.29), they are super delicious and help get rid of some of the guilt associated with chocolate binging.

You can also get in touch with your fancy side and enjoy some of the best prices on European chocolates around. Try a large European chocolate bar today for $2.55. This is lower than the competition and most don’t even carry these delightful treats.

23. Canned Goods


Whether you are looking for canned tomatoes, green beans, corn, or soup, they have some of the best prices around when it comes to canned goods. Find many different foods and varieties of canned goods for as little as $0.55 a can. Compare these canned goods to any of the major brands and you will have the same great quality, but for a much cheaper price.

24. Rice and Quinoa

grains-rice-brown-rice-quinoa-best things to buy at ALDI

Are you ready for ridiculous prices on rice and quinoa. Grab a 3 lb bag of white rice for as low as $1.65. The Quinoa comes with a different flavors like garlic and basil and roasted red pepper, which are available for under $2.

25. Sparkling Water


Sparkling water is a great alternative to unhealthy sodas. Here you can find large 33.8 oz bottles of sparkling water for $0.65 from Pure Aqua, with delicious flavors like black cherry, peach, and strawberry.

Love the name brand sparkling water instead? They regularly have great deals on 12 packs of La Croix sparkling water in a multitude of flavors. This is one instance where you can get name brand without the name brand price.

26. Hummus

hummus-best things to buy at ALDI

If you are a hummus fanatic than this is the store for you. Let your taste buds explore the delicious hummus ALDI has to offer.

The Park Street brand of hummus is more than $1 less than the big name brand, without sacrificing the taste you deserve. Enjoy classic, garlic, roasted red pepper, spicy, pine nut, and olive tapenade hummus’s. Your mouth and belly will thank you for these tasty treats!

27. Spices


Get all the spices you need to turn your next meal into a masterpiece. A lot of your favorite and most used spices can be found here for under $1. Time to add a dash of oregano, a teaspoon of paprika, and a smidgen of cinnamon.

Add that fresh taste to every meal with the pepper and salt grinders, which are a great deal and are usually $0.50 less than the competition.

28. Beer and Wine

beer-and-wine-best things to buy at ALDI

Often overlooked, because most people only stick to the big name brands is the beer and wine. They actually have a lot of great tasting and refreshing beers and wines to choose from. It’s super easy to pick up any wine to go with the meal you are cooking.

I personally love to explore the different kinds without the worry of spending too much on something I might not like. Not a beer or wine drinker, they also have good tasting hard cider, seltzer, and root beer.

29. Ice Cream

ice-cream-Best Things to Buy at ALDI

Last but not least, actually this might be first on most people’s list of best things to buy at ALDI. Chill out with some cool ice cream deals.

Our favorite ice cream deals are the Belmont ice cream pints. We actually think they taste better than the large two-man ice cream at the grocery store. Treat yourself to flavors like cookie dough, fudge brownie, and cherry with chocolate chunks. These are sold for a little over $2, which are well below the grocery store price of $4.50 for similar ice cream products.

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