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19 Best Reasons Hip2Save Will Save You Money

If you haven’t heard of Hip2Save.com then you have been missing out on some of the best ways to save money and access to a wealth of valuable financial information.

Hip2Save isn’t your normal money saving site, they are much more! They alert you to all kinds of money saving deals, provide tips to make your life easier, and they keep an immense coupon database for you to easily find deals at your favorite stores.

Heck this isn’t even your normal coupon site or as their motto says “It’s not your Grandma’s coupon site!” It something so much better! This easy to use site offers some of the best money saving deals and ideas on the internet!

19 Reasons You Need to Check Out Hip2Save

1. Hip2Save is a Couponers Paradise

Seriously they have a ton of coupons!!! Easily find coupons to all your favorite stores like CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and many more. They also, have a huge amount of manufacturers coupons that can be used anywhere. They are constantly updating their site with the latest and greatest coupons and also link to Coupons.com for you to find the best coupons to save money.

Check out there immense coupon database to quickly search for coupons for your favorite products or store.

2. Freebies

You can’t beat the price of a FREE item! Find the places where you can score the latest freebies. They alert you free stuff like hamburgers, coffee, froyo, home energy saving kits, and much much more!

3. Hip2Save is Ran By a Team of Money-Saving Experts

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They have an expert team working for you to find the latest and greatest money-saving deals and tips.

They also have a program called Hip2Share, which lets users share the latest offers they find. So, rest assured that they will always have the best offers for you in one place.

4. Text Alerts for Hot Deals

Never miss out on a time sensitive hot deal or freebie again. Sign up to receive Hot Text Alerts to stay on top of the latest offers. They text out daily with deals that expire quickly or only have a limited number of prints or free items.

5. Amazing Easy to Follow Budget Friendly Recipes

Looking for that next super delicious recipe that won’t break your budget? Well Hip2Save also provides budget-friendly recipes for any occasion. Cook some of their tasty recipes, such as Easy Parmesan Chicken and Lemon Rice, Instant Pot Stuffed Shells, or Pretzel Strawberry Dessert. It makes them taste even better knowing that you are saving money.

6. Easy Crafts to do with the Kids

Find new and creative ways to keep your kids busy, while also teaching them valuable lessons. Easy to follow crafts, party games, and school tips.

Want to slime out with the kiddos? Well they have plenty of creative ways to create the best slime for you and your kids to play with.

7. Travel Tips and Ideas

Want to go on an amazing vacation without breaking the bank. Hip2Save has amazing travel ideas and savings so that you can plan your next budget-friendly trip.

Find deals on plane tickets, cruises, hotels, travel gear, and many more wonderful ideas to keep you relaxed and stress-free.

8. Online and In-store Deals

Want to get out and shop in-store or do you want to kick-back at home and get your shopping done? Don’t worry they find you amazing offers both in-store and online. So, shop knowing that they will bring you the best deals whether they be on Amazon, Costco, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, or at your local grocery store.

9. Newsletter with Amazing Daily Savings

Easily get amazing deals through their daily newsletter. They find the best money-saving deals for you and provide them in an easy to read newsletter. Opt in today so you don’t miss anymore amazing deals.

10. Baby Deals

Good news they have an entire section dedicated to the best baby product deals! If you are like my family, finding deals on baby products is a must!

Let’s face it, babies are super expensive. That is why this section of Hip2Save is a must for all parents with little ones and soon-to-be parents. These savings could keep thousands of dollars in your pocket that can be used to fund their education.

11. Free Printables

Turn your gifts into eye catching works of art for free. Find all kinds of free printables for any occasion, from pumpkin carving and wine labels to summer bucket lists and Valentines Day cards.

12. Alerts you to Delicious Restaurant Deals

Don’t want to cook, but also don’t want to spend your entire life savings on a meal. Their restaurant deals section bring you delicious offers that won’t empty you wallet. Eat great for less!

13. Hip2Save App

Hip2Save mobile app
Hip2Save App

Did you know that they even have an app!!! This makes saving even easier. Whether you are surfing your phone or at the store checking if there is a deal on an item you are about to purchase, this app is for you.

Easily save your favorite deals, so you can quickly find them while you are shopping. You can even create a budget in the app to ensure that your spending is under control.

The Hip2Save App is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and on Kindle.

14. Holiday Specials

Make holiday shopping easier and save money. They find the best holiday specific deals and tips for you.

15. Sweepstakes

Who doesn’t like winning free stuff! Not only do they bring you the best giveaways, Hip2Save also, does sweepstakes. They recently gave away $50 Amazon gift cards to 10 of their Facebook followers. Check out all the ways you could win free money and products.

16. Tips to Keep You Under Budget

The goal for many of us is to save money and most importantly stay under our monthly budget. Their money experts give you great tips to improve your finances and keep you under budget.

17.Make Money

Just when you thought Hip2Save was only about saving money. They also provide many great ideas and ways that anyone can make some extra money.

18. Easily Save Your Favorite Deals with Hiplist

Do you keep forgetting where that sweet deal is? Hip2Save.com makes it easy to keep track of all the money-saving deals you like and want to use. This is done with their built-in Hiplist feature. Simply sign up for a free account and click the Hiplist icon on your favorite deals to be able to easily keep track of them and find them fast when you need them.

19. Hip2Save’s Powerful Backstory

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The founder of Hip2Save Collin Morgan has a powerful backstory involving addiction and depression. Learn how coupons changed these for the better and how they literally saved her life. Overcoming these serious adversities with couponing and money-saving deals lets you know how passionate they are at helping others to live better lives!

Hip2Save Will Save You a Ton of Money

Ready to start saving a ton of money? Check out Hip2Save at Hip2Save.com today and get started!